Background and Education

Catherine Iselin trained at the Dalcroze Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, where she earned her Teaching License in Eurhythmics and Geneva's State Prize for Excellence, as well as the 1974 Piano Improvisation Prize.

Aside from advanced piano training, professional studies at the Dalcroze Institute include four years of training in Eurhythmics (a method designed to teach children and adults the fundamentals of music through movement), piano improvisation, pedagogy, eurhythmics, music theory, harmony, solfege (sight-singing), sight-reading (for piano), as well as percussion and music history.

Catherine has been teaching piano in Switzerland and in the U.S.A. for the past 35 years.
She has been the teacher choice for many area music professors and professional musicians.

Catherine Iselin has been a faculty member at:

Brattleboro Music Center, VT.
Pioneer Valley Ballet School, Northampton, MA.
Springfield Technical Community College, MA.
Northampton Community Music Center, Northampton, MA.
Amherst Leisure Services, MA.

In addition, Catherine has given workshops through the Five-College Music and Dance Departments.

She also gives workshops through the Amherst Public Schools and private schools .

In 2003, she created the popular Summer Camp “ Stars In Motion” ( creative dance and music) at East Street Ballet in Hadley, MA.